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Jaw Bone Cancer-2

What is Jaw Bone Cancer ?

Cancer involving lower jaw bone(mandible) is a common scenario in oral cancer. Cancer can arise from cheek (buccal mucosa) and involve jaw bone or cancer can arise denovo on jaw bone.

Symptoms of Jaw Bone Cancer

  • ulcer or growth involving jaw bone
  • Swelling of jaw bone
  • Loosening of tooth
  • Change in voice or hoarseness
  • Lumps in neck


Surgery is main treatment option called Composite resection followed by post operative radiotheraphy.

MARGINAL MANDIBULECTOMY: Here only a margin of mandible is resected maintaining the continuity of jawbone so that shape and function (chewing , speech) are preserved. The resected area is generally covered with flap. This type of surgery is done in cases with cancer touching jaw bone or early involvement of jaw bone.

SEGMENTAL MANDIBULECTOMY: Here bone is involved by tumor, so full thickness segment of jawbone is removed to clear tumor. This causes significant morbidity to functions like chewing , speech, swallowing and change in external appearance. To reduce this morbidity during cancer surgery reconstruction can be done using bone or soft tissue flaps after resection of cancer. Bone can be replaced with bone using leg bone call Fibula free flap. This restores continuity of bone , so all functions are preserved and enhances external appearance.

Oral cancer involving mandible (jaw bone)is a common scenario. This requires multimodality treatment and team approach for both resection and reconstruction to cure the patient from disease and also to restore form and function so patients quality of life is not affected. Contact us, DR Rahul buggaveeti and his team Dr Umanath Nayak , Dr Abhishek Bhudarapu , the best head and neck surgeon team in south India for superior oncological results.

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