Thyroidectomy is performed under general anaesthesia

How is Thyroidectomy Performed

Half (hemi) and complete thyroid removal is done for a wide variety of conditions such as nodules & cysts in thyroid to cancer in thyroid. Surgery is done preserving nerves which supply vocal cords and preserving para-thyroid glands which maintain calcium levels in blood. ENDOSCOPIC and ROBOTIC THYROIDECTOMY To prevent visible scar in neck , small thyroid lumps of less than 4 cm can be done using minimal access robotic or endoscopic thyroidectomy.

Thyroidectomy Indications

thyroid nodule thyroid cancers

Preparation for Thyroidectomy

side from the routine pre-operative tests that may be required to assess the patient's overall health (i.e. blood tests, chest X-ray, EKG), the evaluation of a patient prior to thyroid surgery may include: Imaging studies — ultrasound, chest X-ray, CAT scan, RAI scan Blood tests — to check thyroid and parathyroid function Fine-needle aspiration biopsy — to assess for malignancy. Rarely, the surgeon may also need to do additional evaluations, based on the physical examination or history of the patient. These include: Vocal cord evaluation — to determine how well the nerves that go to the vocal cords are working. The evaluation of the vocal cords is done with a flexible laryngoscope (small tube with a camera on the end) in the office. This procedure is called a "flexible laryngoscopy." This test will almost certainly be done if you have developed hoarseness or if you have had a previous neck operation.

Cost of Thyroidectomy

INR 100000 - 200000+