Throat Cancer - Larynx cancer/pharynx cancer


Both Pharyngeal cancer and Larynx cancer (voice box) are generally called as throat cancer. But management of these are different.
Throat Cancer symptoms
Symptoms for throat cancer vary based on the type of the cancer and the cause. The different types are explained below.
Nasopharynx Cancer
These patients present with growth behind nose associated with bleeding from nose, nerve palsy and neck nodes.Biopsy is done to confirm disease.Radiotherapy for early stage and chemo radiotherapy for advanced stage disease is treatment of choice.Recurrent cases can be treated with endoscopic excision and nodal recurrence with neck dissection.
Oro-Pharynx Cancer
There is recent rise in tonsil and tongue base cancer due to HPV infection.These cancers are seen in relatively younger patient and has good prognosis with radiotherapy or robotic surgery.Other cancers due to smoking and alcohol has bad prognosis and are treated with radiotherapy/chemo-radiotheraphy. Recurrent cases are treated with surgery.
Hypo-Pharyngeal Cancer
These patients present with difficulty in swallowing or change in voice.They carry relatively poor prognosis and are primarily treated with radiotherapy or chemo-radiotherapy. Advanced cases or failure to radiation cases are treated with surgery.