Parotid tumors(parotidectomy)


Surgery for parotid gland to remove lumps and tumors is called parotidectomy , either superficial parotidectomy (partial removal -only superficial gland) or total parotidectomy.

How is Parotidectomy Performed

Parotidectomy is a delicate surgery due to proximity of facial nerve, which if inadvertently damaged could lead to facial weakness. Excision of swellings or tumors in parotid is done after completely preserving facial nerve.

Parotidectomy Indications

Lumps arising from salivary glands is a common presentation.These lumps can be simple cyst or non cancerous tumors to cancer of salivary gland There are two major salivary glands in our body. 1)Parotid gland- this is present in-front of ear and chance of cancer in these tumors is slightly less.These lumps are assessed with FNAC and MRI scan. 2)Submandibular gland-Lumps in this gland has high chance of malignancy. These are also assessed with FNAC and Ultrasound neck.Diseased gland is excised with an external incision or robotic.