Oral Cancers


Oral cancer is present as a lump or an ulcer in mouth, which gradually increases. It is associated with pain, ear ache, lumps in neck etc

How is Oral Cancer Surgery Performed

Surgery is main modality of treatment and advanced cases require radiotherapy and chemotherapy. To reduce morbidity or sequale of treatment, conservative resections are done like marginal Mandibulectomy etc. Free flap reconstruction is done in same sitting for advanced cases to improve function and aid better rehabilitation. Glossectomy is done for tongue cancer. Wide excision is done for cheek cancer along with selective neck dissection .Advanced cases require composite resection.

Preparation for Oral Cancer Surgery

Biopsy is done to confirm the diagnosis. CT scan is done to stage the disease.
Oral Cancers - Causes and treatment options
India is capital for oral cancers. We have high disease burden due to tobacco chewing, smoking and alcohol and due to lack of screening for cancers.