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Myringoplasty is an operation to close perforation in ear drum .

How is Myringoplasty Performed

Graft is usually harvested from postaural region . After freshening of margins of perforation graft is placed by underlay technique. Mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure in which disease is cleared from all mastoid hair cells to improve ventilation.

Myringoplasty Indications

1) Perforated ear drum due to infection. 2)Traumatic perforation

Preparation for Myringoplasty

hair is shaved behind the ear patient should be empty stomach from 6 hrs before surgery aspirin should be stopped 4 days prior to surgery

Cost of Myringoplasty

INR 30000 - 50000+
head bath should be avoided for 3 weeks flight should be avoided for 3 weeks should not lift heavy weights